Monday, February 6, 2012

The Rut

There’s this rut that people undoubtedly fall into from time to time, where everything they once knew to be colorful and sharp with beautiful detail is suddenly dark and dull and only shades of gray.  The point in the rut is to only visit it for a short time to help you realize how wonderful all the goodness and beauty in the world is.  It is only there to remind you to be grateful for the good things and understanding and tolerant of the bad.  If you stay in the rut for any length of time longer than is necessary to learn your lesson, then that is totally your own fault.   You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing yourself to become lazy and stagnant in the rut, for it is your job to live a full and happy life that will only be those things if you make them be.  Anyone can suffer.  Your suffering doesn’t make you unique or special in any way.  It’s actually quite easy to suffer and feel sorry for yourself.  The more challenging and noble thing is to suck it up and pull yourself out of it and only look back long enough to remember not to go there again.  Everyone is given a life, but not everyone chooses to live it outside of the rut and in the sunshine. 

Now go and enjoy life, Bitches!


  1. A friend of mine says "A rut is just a grave with both ends kicked out."

    So true.