Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Already In Search Of the Man Of Her Dreams

Lil Miss, who is 4, her little brother (We'll call him Number 4 Guy) and I were driving to preschool the other day when she started asking questions about motherhood like she ALWAYS does. 

Lil Miss~ Mom, I wanna be a mommy like you, but where can I find a dad?

Me~ Well when you grow up bigger like me, then you can find one at a library or college or somewhere where smart guys hang out. (I met mine at Pizza Hut. . . go figure)

 Lil Miss~ But how do you know it's (notice she called him an it's?  *giggle*)  a good one?

Me~ You're gonna want to find one who is super nice to you and will be a good dad to your babies. It doesn't matter what he looks like. You should just find one who is smart and funny.

Lil Miss~ *eyes lit up and smiling BIG* Ooooh there's one like that in my class!


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